West African Cuisine

If you’ve eaten one dish, it’s likely to have been native jollof rice which is the most popular form of rice meal. A delicious, spicy and savoury meeting of scotch bonnets, fried onions and tomatoes all stirred in with stewed rice. Think of a spicy African take on the Spanish paella. A national dish claimed by both Ghana and Nigeria, jollof rice involves the base of many West African dishes, namely TPO (tomatoes, peppers, onions).

As one of the largest continents in the world however, food from the Western side of the Nation is arguably more meticulously prepared: offering a diversity of complex tastes, seasonings, and of course spice depending on region and historical tribe. West Africans love to cook, be it fried plantain, stewed goat meat, grilled fish or fried pof pof – a sweet deep fried doughy desert similar to Greek loukoumades. Common tastes are the spice of chilli, savoury flavour of vegetables and greens, sweetness of fruits and baked goods

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