Our Menu

Savor authentic regional West African fare with our seasoned chefs and thoughtfully crafted culinary offerings.

Kelewele KSH. 650

Kelewele is a sweet, spicy, succulent Ghanaian snack with a bit of crunch basted with Golden Stool’s secret spice mix to create a caramelized exterior. A good complement for rice dishes or a stand alone starter.

Chicken Wings KSH. 750

Chicken wings with an African twist! Succulent meaty chicken wings seasoned with our special mix of spices, deep fried to a perfect golden brown, tossed in a hot and tangy Buffalo-style sauce, and served with buttermilk ranch dressing on the side. Choose from Barbecue, Dry, Wet, Garlic and Spicy.

Suya KSH. 600

A spicy slow roast skewered beef or goat satay doused in a smokey and nutty spice blend with a uniquely savory flavor perfectly grilled and charred.

Ghanaian salad KSH. 700

Freshly chopped tomatoes with lettuce, grated carrots, cucumber, sweet corn, tuna, and boiled egg seasoned with pepper.

Avocado Salad (VEGAN) KSH. 700

Fresh lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes with carrots, onions, and avocado stirred with olive oil.

Shredded Chicken Salad KSH. 800

Spicy doused chicken with fresh lettuce, cucumbers, succulent tomatoes, carrots, onions and avocado stirred in mustard dressing.

Shredded Beef Salad KSH. 800

Smoky, juicy and tenderized beef cubes with fresh lettuce, cucumbers, succulent tomatoes, carrots, onions and avocado stirred in mustard dressing.

Groundnut Soup KSH. 750

A full-bodied, slow-cooked soup with peanut butter, fresh tomatoes, and an ensemble of spices served with an extra sliced red chili for that extra oomph. Perfect starter for cold chilly days.

Pepper Soup KSH. 750

A delightfully and intensely flavored soup with a light texture, tastefully prepared with either meat, fish or chicken and African calabash nutmeg.

EgusiKSH. 1650

A rich stew prepared with pumpkin seeds cooked together with spinach, carrots and tomatoes infused with red oil. With boiled or fried yams, white rice or potato chips on the side.
MAKE IT A FULL MEAL with either Fish, Chicken, Goat or Beef

Palava SauceKSH. 1650

Sumptuous, healthy African sauce with greens, spinach, pumpkin seeds and aromatic spices, topped off with a boiled egg
MAKE IT A FULL MEAL with either Fish, Chicken, Goat or Beef

Red Red StewKSH. 1600

A filling and mouth - watering traditional dish made from stewed cowpeas beans cooked in a hearty vegetable broth with African Palm Oil with sweet plantain. A perfect balance of sweet and savory. Excellent choice for vegeterians, vegans, the ultimate way
MAKE IT A FULL MEAL with either Fish, Chicken, Goat or Beef

Fried Goat KSH. 1800

Tender goat meat soaked in a flavorful marinade and fried in sautéed and caramelized onions.
*Served with Jollof, yam, plantain or side of choice

Char-grilled Goat KSH. 1800

A little smoke and char from the grill adds flavor to our juicy goat meat marinated in garlic, ginger, onions, cloves, and soy sauce.

Grilled Pork KSH. 1800

Locally sourced premium pork cuts marinated with the Golden Stool marinade blend grilled to 145 degrees for a juicy and tender bite.
*Served with Jollof, yam, plantain or side of choice

Fried Pork KSH. 1800

Fried pork sprinkled with seasoned salt, pepper and a little cayenne for extra spice.
*Served with Jollof, yam, plantain or side of choice

Grilled Chicken KSH. 1750

Nicely done piece of steaming hot grilled chicken thighs with a tantalizing aroma of our signature sauce seasoning.
*Served with Jollof, yam, plantain or side of choice

Fried Chicken KSH. 1750

Marinated chicken thighs boiled in stock for extra flavor then cooked in heated oil with tomato sauce.
*Served with Jollof, yam, plantain or side of choice

Barbecued Chicken KSH. 1750

Slow-cooked, our BBQ chicken in prepared in a mixture of intense and flavorful ingredients.

Grilled Beef KSH. 1800

Beef with a loose structure soaked up in marinades and grilled to your liking.

Fried Beef KSH. 1750

Marinated beef cooked together with caramelized onions mixed with stir-fried vegetables to create deliciously light option.

Attieke KSH. 850

Lightly steamed and buttery fermented cassava delicately mixed with our light African spice blend to create a tangy tropical flavor with nutty vanilla tones.

Red Red KSH. 850

LA filling and mouth watering Ghanaian traditional dish made from stewed cowpea beans cooked in a hearty vegetable broth with African palm oil and served with fried plantains. A perfect balance of sweet and savory. An excellent choice for healthy option seekers, vegetarians and vegans.
Try it for the ultimate west African experience.

Waakye KSH. 850

A Ghanaian dish of cooked rice and black-eyed peas or cow beans cooked together, along with red dried sorghum leaf sheaths or stalks and limestone.

Grilled Fish KSH. 1800

Delicately grilled whole tilapia or red snapper with a slight zesty smokiness and a generous sprinkle of fresh parsley, doused in our secret fish marinade and served with jollof, fried rice or plantain for a color meal of healthy goodness.

Stewed Fish KSH. 1900

Marinated tilapia or red snapper infused with fresh herbs and our signature sauce blend served in a gently simmering sauce.

Shrimp (Seasonal) KSH. 1750

A fragrant African-style preparation of plump shrimp cooked with white wine, lemon juice, fresh parsley, scallions, and our divine butter garlic sauce.

Palava Sauce KSH. 950

A sumptuous and healthy African cuisine made with greens, smoked meat, melon seeds and crayfish and romantic spices and seasonings. An exotic, flavor and nutrient-packed stew that you’d love.

Jollof Pasta KSH. 850

Steamed macaroni cooked in a fresh tomato sauce, vegetables (optional), and a protein of choice. Its simple comfort food, packed full of flavor.

Stir-fried Spaghetti KSH. 850

SSimply steamed spaghetti stir-fried in tomato sauce, soya sauce, eggs, and vegetables. Select and option of goat beef or chicken

Fried Yam Chips KSH. 800

Chunky yam slices, crispy-fried to a bright golden hue, a great accompaniment for choice zesty fresh chicken, goat or fish.

Plantain KSH. 650

Spicy fried ripe plantains delicately marinated in a medley of onions, ginger, cloves, and chili to create a snack with a happy exterior bursting with a spicy sweetness.

Jollof Rice KSH. 850

A legendary one-pot dish bursting with flavors from fresh tomato broth, paprika, scotch bonnet and juices from our well-seasoned signature chicken thighs. It is ubiquitous in Ghana, Senegal, Nigeria, Liberia, Togo and Cameroon.

Fried Rice KSH. 750

Lightly braised whole graine rice with eggs, carrot and spring onion, soya sauce, and green pepper.